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[经济学人] [2009.06.11 ] Berlusconi loses ground 贝卢斯科尼选举失利

[2009.06.11 ] Berlusconi loses ground贝卢斯科尼选举失利But still it moves但未出局Jun 11th 2009 | ROMEFrom The Economist print editionThe right wins, but less than expected as the Northern League does well.北方联盟表现出色助右翼势力胜出,但右翼党派并未获得预期优势TO MOST Europeans, the result in Italy must have seemed bewildering. For a month Silvio Berlusconi has been enmeshed in a sex scandal that might have forced any other leader from office. The day before the vote, it became spicier. El País, a Spanish newspaper, published photographs impounded in Italy showing unidentified topless beauties by the pool at Mr Berlusconi’s Sardinian villa and a naked Mirek Topolanek, a former Czech prime minister. Yet Mr Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PdL) still emerged with 35.3% of the vote, nine points ahead of the opposition Democratic Party (PD).对于大多数欧洲人来说,意大利这一次的议会选举结果可谓让人摸不着头脑。过去一个月,贝卢斯科尼性丑闻缠身,换作其他领导人,早就因此下课了。就在欧洲议会选举前一天,丑闻再次升级。西班牙《国家日报》曝光了在意大利遭到封杀的照片,照片显示在撒丁岛的贝卢斯科尼私人别墅里,度假的除了泳池旁几位不知名的无上装美女外, 还有彻底脱光的捷克前总理米雷克·托波拉内克。但即便如此,贝卢斯科尼所在的自由人民党依然赢得了35.3%的选票,以领先9%的选票优势击败反对党民主党。“After the attacks he has suffered, no [other] politician in the world would have achieved this result,” declared Ignazio La Russa, a PdL official. Yet most Italian commentators judged the outcome a defeat for Mr Berlusconi. The PdL’s share of the vote on its first outing as a unified party was two points lower than at the 2008 general election, when it was mainly an electoral alliance. And it fell short of expectations. Mr Berlusconi had claimed overwhelming personal support—over 70%, he said. He gave a troubling impression that his popularity justified limiting the checks and balances typical of a democracy. The result brought him back to earth, reminding him that Italians vote PdL for more complex reasons than blind love of its leader.自由人民党议员依格纳滋奥·拉·鲁萨宣称:"世界上没有(其他)领导人像贝卢斯科尼这样,在遭受了如此之多的非议后, 还能在选举中获胜"。但大多数意大利评论家却认为,这次选举结果对于贝卢斯科尼来说已经是一次挫败,因为第一次作为统一党派参选的自由人民党这次赢得的选票比2008年大选时少了2%,而当时自由人民党只不过作为北方联盟的选举搭档参选。这次选举结果可以说令人大失所望。贝卢斯科尼曾自称个人支持率超过70%。他的受欢迎程度曾让人误以为他超越了政府权力之间的制衡,体现了民意。但选举结果却赏了他一记耳光,提醒他意大利民众投票给自由人民党并非出于对他的个人崇拜,而是有更深层复杂的原因。His party’s tally fell well short of his associates’ target of 40%, let alone Mr Berlusconi’s own aspiration of 45%. The prime minister put himself top of the candidate list and was reportedly expecting 3m-4m preference votes. That he received 2.7m was a personal setback, as was the fact that the PdL did better in local elections held at the same time. Where did its votes go? Certainly not to the PD, which missed its own 27% target. The stridently anti-Berlusconi Italy of Principles party, on the other hand, doubled its share, to 8%.他所在的自由人民党得票率远低于执政联盟所预期的40%,而他个人原本甚至曾预期有45%的支持率。这位意大利总理认为自己是所有候选人里的首选,再三强调自己会获得300-400万的支持票。而事实上,他只获得了270万选票,无论自由人民党在同时进行的地方选举中表现得多么出色,对他来说,这个结果都已经说明他已经风光不再。那么这些预期中的选票都到哪里去了呢?肯定没有跑到反对党民主党那里去,因为他们的得票率也没有达到预期中的27%。但另一方面,强烈反对贝卢斯科尼的意大利法则党这次的得票率却翻了两番,达到了8%。In the south Mr Berlusconi’s party suffered from abstentions. Elsewhere the PdL lost votes to its coalition ally, the Northern League, which is emerging as the party of Italy’s rednecks. It won over 10% of the vote and may now hold greater sway over the government. On June 9th Mr Berlusconi gave the league a concession by dropping an electoral reform that would have made it harder for the league to hold future governments to ransom.在南部,贝卢斯科尼领导的自由人民党更遭受了选民集体投票弃权的打击。而在其他地区,获得越来越多意大利农民支持的北方联盟党,也分走了自由人民党的部分选票。拿到了10%的选票以后,北方联盟党现在可以对政府决策有更大的影响力。6月9日,贝卢斯科尼向执政同盟妥协,放弃了选举改革计划,否则北方联盟未来很难对政府施加有效影响。Did the outcome show that the electorate cares about politicians’ private lives? Up to a point. But the fact that the PdL suffered from abstention in the traditionally macho south implies that much of the discontent was caused by recession. Mr Berlusconi has so far spent most of his energy on two issues: law and order and institutional reform. It is high time he switched his attention to the economy.选举结果是否说明政治家的私生活影响民意呢?在某程度上来说的确如此。但事实上,就连素来拥戴大男人主义的意大利南部也用弃权来表达对自由人民党的不满,说明投票结果更多受经济衰退影响。迄今为止,贝卢斯科尼花最多精力干的只有两件事:法律改革以及政府机构改革。现在他是时候把注意力转回到经济上来了。
He gave a troubling impression that his popularity justified limiting the checks and balances typical of a democracy.
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