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I am delighted to join KEA China and your guests here in Beijing this morning.  It is skilled professionals like you, not just the intrinsic strengths of the NZ economy, who count amongst our most successful exports to China.  You represent a vital resource that "NZ Inc" can learn from if we are to maximise the immense opportunities China provides.

今天,很高兴在北京和KEA中国的会员以及嘉宾共进早餐。正是有了你们这样的精英人士,新西兰的经济实力得以体现,新西兰的对华出口得以成功。如果我们希望充分挖掘中国蕴藏的无限良机,你们将是"新西兰集团"(NZ Inc)值得借鉴的重要资源。

The New Zealand government has been very pleased to support the establishment of KEA networks around the world, none more so than in China. This has been a wise investment, confirmed by the strong partnership that our Embassy and Consulate-General in Shanghai enjoy with KEA China today.

新西兰政府对KEA在世界各地建立联络网给予大力支持,在中国更是如此。这是一个明智的投资, KEA中国目前与新西兰驻华使馆和上海总领馆的紧密关系足以证明这一点。

China Looms Large for New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and the World


I don't need to remind this audience that China has never been a more important economic partner for New Zealand.  This was illustrated by the Prime Minister's determination to visit China as his first bilateral visit abroad after Australia in 2009.


China is our third largest trading partner after Australia and the United States.  Two way trade exceeded NZ$10 billion in August 2009 - a robust 12 percent annual increase.


China has also edged out Japan to become our third largest export market. The value of exports to China for the 12 months ending November 2009 totalled NZ$3.56 billion - a remarkable 47 percent increase from the previous year.


The increase in New Zealand exports to China over the past year - some $NZ1.1 billion - is not far behind New Zealand's total exports to Korea, and everyone understands the importance of Korea to New Zealand.  In other words, in some 12 months, and with only a little exaggeration, we have added another Korea to New Zealand's export drive.


This is not just a story about dairy exports, significant as they are.  Dairy accounts for more than 25% of New Zealand's exports to China.  Exports across a wide range of products have grown strongly - meat, wood products, wool, kiwifruit and wine.  While commodities still dominate our export basket to China, processed foods and beverages and some niche manufactured goods have also performed well.

这不仅仅是乳制品的出口,乳制品确实重要,而且占新西兰对华出口总额的25%。其他商品的出口也有着强劲的增长,例如肉类产品,木材,羊毛,奇异果以及葡萄酒。 尽管初级商品仍占据输华商品的较大比重,加工食品,饮料和一些利基特制产品也有不俗的表现。

With tumultuous economic times in 2009 impacting severely on global trade, China has played a major role in sheltering New Zealand from the impact of a global recession.  Many New Zealanders owe their jobs and livelihood to the resilience and dynamism of the Chinese economy.  Through living and working here, you are first hand witnesses to the process by which China is asserting its global importance.


In some ways, it may be more accurate to say China is 'reasserting' its global role. If you go back to 1750, it is estimated that China represented some 30% of global GDP. From a low point of around 5% of global GDP in the mid 1970s, China is probably around 18-20% of global GDP and we know that relative importance will increase.


This is not some minor academic point. China is clearly providing one of the engines for economic recovery in 2010.  The latest IMF projections have China's economic growth averaging 9.6 percent (almost back to pre-crisis growth rates) over the next five years, with China set to account for 60 percent of Asia's economic growth over that period.  We welcome the important and constructive role that China's US$4.9 trillion economy is playing regionally and globally.


New Zealand-China FTA Makes an Encouraging Start


The strong performance of New Zealand exports to China has paralleled the entry into force of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement.  Wider market forces, including robust demand for some of our key exports (notably for dairy and wood), has been a dominant factor in the trade equation.  Nonetheless, the reduction in tariffs on New Zealand's exports to China (three rounds of tariff cuts to date) has contributed to export growth.  Its impact will continue as tariffs further reduce and are eliminated. China's tariff on New Zealand wine, for example, has reduced to 5.6 % this year and will be zero in 2012 (compared to a base rate of 14%). The duty on our kiwifruit is now 13.3% (compared to a base rate of 20 percent) and will be zero in 2016.

随着新中自由贸易协定的正式生效,新西兰对华出口表现强劲。 更广泛的市场力量业已成为贸易公式中的主导元素, 其中包括对我们主要出口产品的更大需求(特别是乳制品和木材)。 同时,新西兰出口到中国的商品关税的减少(迄今已经三次降低了关税)也为出口增长做出了贡献。它的影响将随着关税的进一步下降直至消除而继续。 例如,中国对新西兰葡萄酒所征收的关税在今年下降到了5.6%, 到2012年将实现零关税(曾经基本关税为14%)。现在,我们的奇异果被征收13.3% 的关税(曾经基本关税为20%), 到2016年其关税也将下降到零。

New Zealand is proud to be the first developed country to conclude a comprehensive and high quality FTA with China.


The FTA encompasses 96 percent of our exports to China. The FTA provides an invaluable platform for our exporters to expand their presence in the Chinese market.  It gives us a decisive head start in a competitive and tough market.  At a time of global economic crisis, the New Zealand-China FTA also provides a strong message of the importance of expanding trade rather than resorting to protectionism.  Despite our vast differences in scale, the lifeblood of both our countries is trade.


I would like to acknowledge the help and cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (our main partner in FTA implementation) and other Chinese agencies in the progress that has been made to date in putting the FTA into practice.  There has also been proactive coordination by the New Zealand agencies responsible for implementing the FTA, both at home and on the ground here in China.


China Skills Vital


As you can attest, there are real challenges and demands in working in China, but equally the rewards are immense. It's vital therefore that New Zealand builds up the necessary "China skills" to support our trade and economic interests and ensure that the FTA meets its full potential.  Key government agencies are now well represented on the ground in China - the days when all roads led to the High Commission in London have long gone.

各位都深谙,在中国工作极具挑战, 但是回报也是巨大的。 因此,积累必须的"中国技能"对于支持我们的贸易及经济利益以及确保发挥出自贸协定的全部潜力是至关重要的。目前,主要的政府机构都在中国设立了代表处——那些一切诉诸伦敦高级专员公署的日子已经成为历史了。

It's good to see that under the temporary employment entry provisions of the FTA, a first group of Mandarin language teaching assistants from China will be starting work in New Zealand secondary schools this year.  This initiative has been jointly organised and funded our two Ministries of Education.

我很高兴地看到,根据自贸协定临时雇佣入境规定,第一批来自中国的普通话语言助教将在今年开始到新西兰的中学工作。 我们两国的教育部联手组织并为这一新方案提供了资金。

Can I also acknowledge the Chinese government's role in establishing Confucius Institutes at Auckland and Canterbury universities to promote the Chinese language and a greater understanding of China.  This is paralleled by the good work that the Asia NZ Foundation is doing to improve New Zealanders understanding and familiarity with China and its people. I have a personal stake in that long-standing commitment of the Foundation to the NZ-China relationship, since I had the privilege of being the Foundation's  Executive Director at an earlier stage in my career. Equally, KEA China has an important role to play in this process.

也请允许我感谢中国政府为在奥克兰和坎特伯雷的高校里成立孔子学院所做出的努力,这将促进汉语的推广以及让新西兰人民更加了解中国。与此媲美的是亚洲新西兰基金会的良好工作,他们旨在增进新西兰人民对中国和中国人民的了解与熟悉。对于该基金会关于新中关系的长期承诺, 我是饱有个人情感在里面的, 因为在我职业生涯的早期,我非常荣幸地担任过该基金会的执行主任。同样地,KEA中国在这一进程中也扮演了一个举足轻重的角色。

Partnership with the New Zealand business community is essential as we take the FTA forward and deliver tangible commercial benefits.  A first review of the FTA's initial progress is mandated for this year (a joint New Zealand and China exercise) and we will be consulting closely with the private sector through this process.

当我们进一步实践自贸协议并且兑现实实在在的商业价值时,我们与新西兰商界的伙伴关系不可或缺。 今年将对自贸协定的初步成效进行评估 (一个新西兰和中国的联合行动), 在此过程中,我们将与私营部门紧密磋商。

Food Safety: an Important New Strand in the Relationship


Food safety is an important new area of cooperation between New Zealand and China.  A comprehensive government-to-government food safety cooperation programme is evolving.  This brings together New Zealand's expertise as a food exporter and the emphasis that China is giving to implementing its new Food Safety Law.  Initiatives to date include five food safety scholarships for Chinese officials, who will commence studies at New Zealand universities this year; and targeted shorter study programmes in food safety and dairy farmer training.  A number of other cooperation initiatives are underway as part of the FTA work programme.

食品安全是新西兰和中国两国间又一新的合作领域。全面的政府间的食品安全合作项目正在进行发展当中。新西兰作为食品出口国拥有这方面的专业知识, 而中国目前对其新的食品安全法极为重视。目前的项目包括为中国官员提供的五个食品安全奖学金,他们从今年开始将在新西兰的大学学习;项目还包括食品安全和奶业养殖培训领域具有目标性的短期学习课程。作为自贸协定工作计划的一部份,一系列其它的合作项目也在进行当中。

Business has a key role to play in adding value and sustainability to food safety cooperation.  Much of New Zealand's technology and expertise in the agriculture and food safety sector lies with business. Some New Zealand companies are already active in China.  We encourage food safety linked businesses to take advantage of the FTA and develop opportunities for their products and services in China.  As part of this process, my colleague the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. David Carter, will bring a business delegation with him when he visits China in March. We hope that that his visit will help facilitate and introduce companies to the Chinese marketplace and foster new business opportunities.


Shanghai Expo: Major Focus for New Zealand in 2010

上海世博会: 2010年新西兰的重中之重

Expo 2010 in Shanghai is one of the major events in this year's global calendar.  As with the Beijing Olympics, it represents a landmark and signature event for China on the world stage.  The Expo is a unique opportunity for New Zealand to leverage its interests in China. It's a "no brainer" that we need to be in Shanghai and do it well.  The government has made a significant political and financial commitment to the Expo and we have to maximise that investment.  We will have a distinctive and impressive New Zealand pavilion that will illustrate New Zealand's traditional strengths of scenic beauty as well as highlighting our creative, innovative and technological assets.


In the course of the Expo we are planning six missions to China led by Ministers, including the Prime Minister who will officiate at New Zealand's national day.  As you can testify from your time in China, for missions like these to be effective and open doors, ministerial leadership and input is essential.  It's the visibility and "face time" that counts.


You will also see me back in China as part of this process.  I look forward to next returning to China in March to open New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's new Shenzhen office.  NZTE also plans to have its Qingdao office up and running by the middle of 2010.


Over the past two years KEA has been involved in the preparation for the Expo and many of you have offered your thoughts and advice, for which we are very grateful.  You are key stakeholders in this NZ Inc enterprise and your ongoing support and partnership is vital throughout the Expo year.  I would also encourage all of you to make use of the corporate hospitality that the pavilion will provide.

在过去的两年中,KEA参与了世博会的准备工作。在座的很多人都提出了宝贵的建议和想法,对此,我们深表感激。你们是 "新西兰集团"重要的利益攸关者,你们持续的支持以及合作伙伴关系对世博年来说是极为重要的。同时,我也鼓励你们所有人充分利用新西兰馆带来的商务社交机会。

Climate Change


Given my responsibility for climate change negotiations, let me touch on this key global issue and the important role of China in addressing climate change.  The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference tested the politics of the possible.  It is clear that a UN-style negotiating process alone is unlikely to deliver an effective global agreement in the near future.


A new climate change treaty must shift from limited participation to comprehensive global coverage.  We need international commitments from all major emitters that accommodate diverse national approaches to mitigation and adaptation.  We need leadership from major economies. They need to listen to the voices of vulnerable nations that are facing the harsh realties of climate change.  In New Zealand, we are acutely aware of the challenge climate change poses for our Pacific Island neighbours.


We must change attitudes and harness the private sector in order to: drive low-carbon development, spur innovation and deployment of technologies, and influence priorities for finance and investment.  A new global climate deal must be durable - with in-built capacity to evolve over time - to keep up with scientific knowledge, technological breakthroughs, and economic and social development.


Copenhagen demonstrated that achieving that sort of deal is extraordinarily difficult.  It is difficult because climate change and its responses reach right into the heart of nations, into our economies and our societies. The solution to the challenge of climate change is beyond the capacity of the mightiest of countries; international cooperation is the only way forward.  It will have to take place across all fronts - science, technology, finance, economics, trade and investment.


New Zealand was pleased with the launch of the Global Research Alliance in Copenhagen, which establishes international cooperation in the field of agricultural greenhouse gas research. Agriculture plays a vital role in food security, poverty reduction and sustainable development.  The world needs to increase food supply by 50% over the next 20 odd years.  The agriculture sector currently contributes around 14 percent to global greenhouse gas emissions.


There are many opportunities for the sector to contribute to emission reductions and carbon sequestration.  To realise these opportunities it will be essential to develop research breakthroughs in agriculture to ensure that the world does not face an impossible choice between food security and climate change.

农业部门有很多为减排和增加碳封存做贡献的机会。为将这些机会变为现实,农业领域的研究突破将至关重要, 这样才能保证全世界不会在粮食安全和气候变化之间面临两难的抉择。

Agriculture is an important sector of climate action for both New Zealand and China, and one of the focus areas for our bilateral climate change cooperation.  We believe the Global Research Alliance will bring real opportunities for its members, and very much hope that China will join us in the Alliance, along with other major developing country members such as India and Indonesia.




This has been a wide ranging address, but I wanted to highlight the extent and depth of NZ-China relations and assure you of the Government's commitment to further strengthening trade and economic linkages.  New Zealand has deliberately sought to be a first mover in developing our relationship with China - you may be familiar with the concept of "the four firsts".

这篇致词涉及的话题很广泛,但我希望强调的是新中关系的广度和深度, 并且向各位保证,我们的政府承诺进一步加强贸易和经济的联系。新西兰特意成为与中国发展关系的先行者——各位或许对于"四个第一"的概念并不陌生。

New Zealand was the first developed country to:
conclude a WTO accession with China;
recognise China's market economy status;
commence FTA negotiations with China; and
conclude an FTA with China.

• 第一个完成中国入世双边谈判的发达国家;
• 第一个承认中国完全市场经济地位的发达国家;
• 第一个与中国展开自贸区谈判的国家;以及
• 第一个与中国达成自贸协定的发达国家

Now that we have become the first country in the world, other than China itself, to conclude a comprehensive FTA, or Comprehensive Economic Partnership to use the correct term in this case, with the separate customs territory of Hong Kong, I would argue we can now talk about the "five firsts".

现在,我们又成为世界上第一个, 除中国之外,与香港独立关税地区完成了全面自贸协定的国家,这里准确地说因该是全面经济合作伙伴关系。 我想我们可以来谈谈"五个第一"了。

We need to maintain this strategic, pro-active approach to our engagement with China.  We have built up a dynamic and well targeted relationship. This requires constant hard work and persistence, and we have already seen the rewards of this effort.  We can't rest on our laurels though - China is moving fast and New Zealand and the world is still in catch up mode.  KEA China's collective experience on the ground gives you an unrivalled role in sustaining and advancing New Zealand's relationship with China.

在与中国的交往中,我们需要保持这一战略性的、积极的方案。 我们已经建立起了一个充满活力、目标明确的关系。 这要求坚持不懈的勤奋工作和坚忍不拔的意志,同时, 我们也已经看到了这些努力的回报。然而,我们不能固步自封——中国正快速前进,新西兰和整个世界仍然停留在追赶的状态。KEA中国在当地的共同经验赋予了你们在维持和促进新西兰与中国的关系中独特的使命。

I look forward to hearing more from you during the rest of the time that we have this morning.


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