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III. 观点法


25 Nothing / Few things
No idea / opinion belief / view / attitude  is
are more / as foolish
25 than
as ... (which is widely
generally  held by...).
  25.1 Nothing, we have been told these years, is more educative than participating in or listening to an
exchange of opinion. The seminar, the conference, the lecture, the panel discussion on the radio ------ how
fine, how liberating, how instructive they are to us all, to the participants and to those at their receiving
sets. They can not only acquaint one with many facts, but help deepen one's understanding of social phenomenan and relationships, and broaden one's outlook.
  25.2 Few things seem to stir up more fear among today's young people than the prospect of a military draft.
Feelings of patriotism are articulated much more freely now, but there seems little enthusiasm for military
conscription, and no one wants to spend several years in the armed forces engaged in activities which have
nothing to do with their future work.
  25.3 Perhaps no issue in this world is as basic to individual and national survival as food. But China in
recent years has experienced a serious waste of food in one way or another. Especially in many big cities,
this waste has become habitual and traditional, to the extent that people are seldom aware of it in their
daily life.
26 Never
Nowhere in history
the world
China has the issue
idea of .... been more
as visible
popular than ...
as ...
  26.1 Nowhere in the world has the issue of birth control been more evident than in China. The nation is
faced with such serious situation as the one in which its population is increasing much faster than the
supply of food and available resources.
  26.2 Nowhere has the great principle of equality been so thoroughly put in practice as in China, and nowhere
have such persistent efforts been made to improve the legal status of women. In spite of this, however, women in many places are still denied the right to compete with men for jobs on equal terms and the right to equal opportunities for promotion.
  26.3 Never in the nation's history have the stakes involving our education been higher than rim. From energy
crises to air pollution, and from the improvement of the standard of living to space exploration, the approaching world of the 21st century bristles with challenges whose resolution, for better or worse, will depend largely on the quality of education.
27  It is about/high
time we  exploded
freed ourselves from  the myth
fiction about ...
  27.1 It's about time somebody exploded that old myth about childhood being the happiest of your life. Childhood may certainly be fairly happy, free from financial worries and the anxiety about social ladders. But have you heard our children today groaning under the ever-increasing burden of studies? Have you seen them stay up almost every night simply to finish a day's homework?
28 Perhaps
Maybe we should
it is time to rethink
have a fresh look at the idea
desirability that ...
  28.1 Perhaps we should rethink an idea fast becoming an undisputed premise of our life that
a college degree is necessary ------ and perhaps even a sufficient ------ precondition for success.
I do not wish to quarrel with the assumptions made about the benefits of orthodox education.
I want only to expose its false god; the four-year, all-purpose, degree-granting college, aimed
at the so-called college-age population and by now almost universally accepted as the stepping-stone
to "meaningful" and "better" jobs.
  28.2 Maybe it is time to reexamine our present values of life and try to figure out why life
today becomes so difficult, and what can be done about it. Not only are things often not what
they seem, they may be just the opposite of what they seen. People are discontented these days,
for example, not because things are worse than ever, but because things are better than ever.
Everything is paradoxical.
29 Now people in growing
significant numbers are beginning
coming to realize
be aware that....   
  29.1 Now people in growing numbers are coming to recognize that the business spirit, which carries
in its torrential course so many of the talents and energies of men into money-making, has shaped our
culture and influenced our ideals and aspirations as a people.
  29.2 In recent years an increasing number of people are getting to realize that much of the technology
being developed today neither respects the earth's delicate ecosystem nor is adequately controlled by
social institutions. As the social costs of the technological development (e. g environmental pollution,
unemployment) become so obvious, it is time that our society should make efforts to reassess the direction
of our development in the view of radically different and increasingly complex socioeconomic circumstances.
  近年来日渐增多的人开始意识到当今正在开发中的许多技术 既没有考虑到地球上微妙的生态系统,也没有受到社会机构的有 效控制。由于开发技术所付出的社会代价(如环境污染和失业现 象)十分明显,该是到了我们的社会作出努力,从完全不同的,越来 越复杂的社会经济环境来重新评估技术发展的方向的时候了。
30 Now there is a growing awareness / recognition on the part of people
people become increasingly aware / conscious of the need
importance to
of ...
  30.1 In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of the necessary to improve our criminal justice system. A young thief who spends time in jail often receives there a thorough education in crime from his fellow prisoners, or perhaps tough criminals who drag him into more serious offenses and more prison terms , a vicious cycle that will do greater harm to the society.
  近几年来人们越来越意识到改进我们刑法制度的必要性。一 个初犯的小偷被关在监狱里,往往会从其他囚犯,甚至犯罪老手那里学到一整套作案的手法,结果他们把他拉人更深的犯罪深渊,以 至判更长的徒刑,如此恶性循环将对社会造成更大的危害。
  30.2 Now people become increasingly aware of the importance of acquiring a mastery of a foreign language. To them, the knowledge of a foreign language, say, English, often means a good opportunity for one's career, even a passport to a prosperous future. Many of them equate success in life with the ability of speaking a foreign language.
31 we might marvel at
In spite of / Despite the great
tremendous progress
advance made in
31 science and technology
nearly every field , (but) ... remain basically unchanged.
the same as it was.
as ... as ever they were.
  31.1 We might marvel at the progress made in every field of study, but the methods of testing a person's knowledge and ability remain as primitive as ever they were. It is extraordinary that after all these years,
educationists have still failed to devise anything mere efficient and reliable than examinations. For all the pious claim that examinations test what you know, it is common knowledge that they mere often do the exact opposite. They may be a good means of testing memory, but they can tell you nothing about a person's true ability and aptitude.
  31.2 This is a skeptical age, but although our faith in many of the things in which our forefathers deeply believed has weakened, our confidence in the curative properties of the bottle of medicine remains the same as theirs. This modern faith in medicine is proved by the fact that the annual drug bill of this country is mounting to astronomical figures and shows no signs at present of ceasing to rise.
  31.3 Although great strides have been made in achieving social status and greater equality for women in the past decades, their role in the family remains basically uncharged. The double burden of work inside
and outside the home they are carrying renders them impossible to make full use of their talents and difficult to rise to positions of leadership.
  31.4 We continue to share with our remotest ancestors the most evasive attitudes about death, despite the great distance we have cane in understanding some of the profound aspects of biology. We have as much distaste for talking about personal death as for thinking about it; it is an indelicacy, like talking in mixed
company about venereal disease or abortion in the old days.


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