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[备考交流] 《三枪拍案惊奇》:科恩经典的中国式改编









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Bai Xiaoyan/Sony Pictures Classics


Yan Ni, left, portrays an adulterous wife and Sun Honglei a detective hired to kill her and her lover in Zhang Yimou’s film “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop.”

在张艺谋的新片《三枪拍案惊奇》(A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop)中,闫妮(左)扮演了一位与伙计私通的老板娘,孙红雷扮演了被雇佣来杀老板娘和伙计的杀手。


撰文:A. O. SCOTT

Published: September 2, 2010


Twenty-five years ago Joel and Ethan Coen, rising stars of American independent cinema, made their debut with “Blood Simple,” a twisty tale of adultery and revenge with an obvious debt to “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” Six years later Zhang Yimou, a star of China’s rising fifth generation of filmmakers, contributed his own variation on the “Postman” theme with “Ju Dou,” his second feature as sole director. And now, for no good reason but with reasonably happy (which is to say grisly) results, Mr. Zhang has honored the unlikely affinity between himself and the Coens with a faithful remake of their first movie, a replica of “Blood Simple” called (in America) “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop.”

二十年前,堪称美国独立电影后起之秀的科恩兄弟(Joel and Ethan Coen)携处女作《血迷宫》(Blood Simple)初涉影坛,《血迷宫》是一部描写捉奸与复仇的电影,其曲折的故事情节在一定程度上借鉴了电影《邮差总按两次铃》(The Postman Always Rings Twice)。六年以后,也就是1990年,崭露头角的第五代中国导演张艺谋贡献了一部近似于“邮差”情节的电影《菊豆》,这也是他作为独立导演所拍摄的第二部电影。现如今,已经大红大紫的张艺谋没由头的在自己和科恩兄弟间找到了共同语言,他以一部忠实的翻拍之作《三枪拍案惊奇》(A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop)向科恩兄弟的处女作致以了敬意。

Let us leave, at least for now, the pleasures of side-by-side comparison to budding cineastes, who will learn a lot from studying the decisive difference that specific technical choices — having to do with editing, shot selection and sound design — can make with respect to the mood and meaning of a single story. Anyone who sees both “Blood Simple” and “Noodle Shop” will be struck by the obsessive formal discipline that unites these otherwise disparate filmmakers, and also by Mr. Zhang’s preservation and alteration of certain details from the original: a combination lock; tobacco-smoking paraphernalia; murder weapons.


The most important of those is still a gun, but in the world of “Noodle Shop” this is a novelty rather than standard equipment. The action has moved from modern semisuburban Texas to a rocky and desolate valley in northwest China at some unspecified point in the feudal past. Squadrons of imperial police thunder through the mountains on horseback, but otherwise an eerie quiet predominates, throwing the deceptively simple story into sharp relief.


Instead of a roadhouse, the rich and unlucky cuckold, Wang (Ni Dahong, making Dan Hedaya from the earlier film look positively debonair), owns a noodle shop and seems to have made a handsome fortune in spite of the near-total absence of customers. (A scene that approximates a musical number in this virtually music-free film shows dough being flung, sliced and boiled to provide a free meal for the cops.)


The boss’s wife (Yan Ni), fed up with his boorishness and sexual sadism, is carrying on with Li (Xiao Shenyang), one of his employees, who dresses in pink and blends skittishness with a certain anxious decency. The wife steps into a long tradition of Zhang Yimou heroines, going back to the defiant, tragic women played by Gong Li in movies like “The Story of Qiu Ju,” “Shanghai Triad” and “Raise the Red Lantern.” She is stubborn, abrasive and operatically self-expressive — her emotions far too grand for her mean, tawdry surroundings. Two other workers in Wang’s shop (Cheng Ye and Mao Mao) function as Shakespearean rustics and servants of the plot, their squawking voices and exaggerated gestures blurring the line between slapstick and serious violence.


The threat of which arrives in the person of Zhang (Sun Honglei), a taciturn detective hired by Wang to kill the adulterous couple. The character of Zhang is both the closest point of contact between “Noodle Shop” and “Blood Simple” and the source of their greatest divergence. What he does is, from scene to scene, almost identical to what M. Emmet Walsh did as Loren Visser in the Coens’ movie, but Mr. Sun has a quiet, deadpan manner that not only contrasts with Mr. Walsh’s giggly, whispery menace but also has the effect of completely altering the tone of the story. Zhang’s actions seem to spring not, like Visser’s, from perverse, greedy corruption, but rather from adherence to a deep, unspoken code. He is a thief and a liar as well as a cold-blooded killer, but his air of quiet melancholy makes him seem like the most soulful person in the area, and also somehow the most ethical.

随着冷血杀手张三(孙红雷饰)的介入,真正的威胁降临了,此人是王五麻子雇来谋害老板娘和李四的。杀手这个角色既是这两部电影最紧密的联系点,同时也是二者之间产生分歧最多的地方。张三的所作所为与《血迷宫》中艾米特·沃尔什(M. Emmet Walsh)所扮演的洛伦·维瑟(Loren Visser)如出一辙,但孙红雷塑造的杀手有些不动声色,面无表情,而沃尔什的角色则喜欢咯咯傻笑,低声威胁他人,这种人物性格上的差异完全改变了整个故事的叙事风格。和维瑟一样,张三的杀人动机似乎并不是出自堕落和贪婪,而是源于对某种深层且无以言表的准则的坚持。他虽是一个骗人的小偷,同时又是一位冷血的杀手,但他那宁静忧郁的外表让他看起来更像是一位充满了激情又恪守准则的斗士。

From the start the Coen brothers have been clever mischief-makers, repeatedly pulling the rug from under their characters and the audience alike. Mr. Zhang’s movies, whatever their genre or style, have always seemed painstakingly earnest. Whether dealing in sweeping period drama (“To Live”), rural neorealism (“Not One Less”), swordplay (“House of Flying Daggers”) or state-sanctioned spectacle (the opening broadcast of the 2008 Beijing Olympics), he has exhibited just about every imaginable directorial trait except a sense of humor.
And though it begins with some exaggerated, almost clownish business and includes a handful of clean and mordant sight gags, “A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop” has a gravity that is surprising, given that it is basically the pastiche of a pastiche. But by working through the self-conscious genre imitation that was something of a novelty in “Blood Simple,” Mr. Zhang uncovers the primal, mythic intensity of the story and also changes the tone of its essential nihilism. The Coens posit a universe without order or meaning, and while Mr. Zhang does not necessarily quarrel with this view, he treats it less as a cosmic joke than as a grim folk tale.



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