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Cost-effectiveness 节约成本
Seasoned 老练的,阅历丰富的
Escalate 逐步上升,逐步增加,直线上升
Multiple 倍数
Claw back 使得到弥补
Handset (听筒和话筒在同一手柄上的)无线步话机,手持送话器,手机式电话
Crippling 极有害的,造成严重损害的
Surcharge 增收费,额外收费
Foyer 门厅,大堂,休息室
Call box 公用电话亭
Fiddly 需要小心处理的,需要谨慎应对的
Charge cards 签帐卡
Snack bar 快餐部,小吃店
Spin-off 衍生的,附带的
Spin-off trade 周边贸易
Chauffeured car 配有司机的汽车
Irregular hours 工作时间不规矩
Jet lag 时差综合症
Well-focused 有针对性的
Niche 细分市场,缝隙市场,小市场(小规模的专业市场,相对于被大公司占领的大市场)亦作niche market
Delight 乐事,乐趣
Track record (个人、企业等的)业绩
A proven track record 公认的业绩
Delegate 把…委托给别人
Accessible 可联系到的
In conjunction with 连同,与…共同(或协力)
Specialty 专长,有特点的项目
Business class (飞机、车、船等的)公务舱,头等舱,亦作first class,与条件稍次、票价较低的economy class(经济舱)相对
Personal contact 私人交往
Set procedure 规定程序
From the top down 自上而下地
Status symbol 身份象征
Better-value 更合算的
Cost-saving tips from Seasoned Business Travellers
如何节约差旅成本---- 来自阅历丰富的商旅前辈们的建议
Costs can escalate in an unfamiliar environment because often the easiest option is to choose convenience over cost-effectiveness.
Experienced travelers discover cost-saving tips over the years.
So here are some of the best tips from seasoned business travelers.
Accommodation is a major travel expense. Consider two main cost factors:
Firstly, what grade do you really need? The difference between a five-star and a two star room may be small, but the price difference could be a multiple of ten.
Secondly, always ask for a discount. All hotels publish a” rack rate” of their maximum room charges when occupancy is high.
These are negotiable- most hotels expect to reduce the price, especially late in the day, at quiet periods and for a business client who may spend heavily on the telephone and in the restaurant.
In your negotiations, stress that you may become a regular client, and could recommend the hotel to colleagues and clients.
At the Hotel
Hotel may offer a room discount, but hope to claw back profit from overpriced services.
Take particular note of telephones.
The handset in your hotel room usually carries a crippling surcharge. The modem point may also be surcharged.
Your mobile phone may even be competitive with these, despite the network’s roaming fees.
It can be cost effective to simply walk to the hotel foyer and use one of the call boxes at normal phone rates.
Various international charge cards are worth considering.
While fiddly to set up and often limited in the countries covered, they are very well priced.
Food and Drink
Room service is convenient, but is the most expensive way of eating a sandwich.
Save the cost of several meals and buy a take-away at a local shop.
Similarly, hotel restaurants are handy but quality and price is not always competitive.
A hotel’s apparently normal prices may in fact be ludicrous for the local economy.
In cities, small snack bars often thrive on spin-off trade from expensive hotels nearby.
Pay attention to the cost of breakfast—this is when you are most vulnerable to extortionate price.
Convenience can cause costs you would never consider at home—and you may not be getting a superior service.
A chauffeured car will give you time to work, but a taxi would do the same at a fraction of the cost.
A hire car may seem versatile until you pay to park it overnight.
Always consider the three cheapest ways of getting around: train, bus and walking. They may be the quickest too.
(1)       Do you enjoy business travel?(Why?/Why not?)
Yes. By travelling on business, I have a chance to go to different places and I enjoy that.
(2)       When travelling, do you think people should go to a small or large travel agency?(Why?Why not?)
I think they should go to a large one. If the agency is too small, it might not be able to give them the kind of services they need.
(3)       Do you think business travels are necessary for companies?(Why?/Why not?)
Yes. They need to attend business conferences for information and insight, and to establish business ties with outside partners.
(4)       Do you think videoconferencing will replace business travel in the future?(Why?/Why not?)
I don’t think so. Videoconferencing usage will increase in the future, but it will never replace personal contact.
What is important when…?
Planning business trips            计划出差时需考虑哪些要点?
l       Purpose                      目的
l       Travel arrangement            旅行安排
First of all, you have to be very clear about the purpose of your trip. For example, if it is a business visit to another company for a potential contract, you’ll have to think before-hand who you’re going to meet, what to discuss and how to promote your company. If your purpose is to launch a product, you’ll have to collect detailed information about the product and be prepared to answer any questions that may be raised.
Travel arrangement is also important. You should have advanced booking for deals and discounts and have a good preparation of the trip. An itinerary is very important so that you can manage your time in an efficient way to better fulfill your purposes.
When planning business trips, you should also give a thought to the luggage. You should keep your luggage light and never expect anyone else to carry it for you. Well-prepared and travelling light, the business trip will be a rewarding delight.
What is important when…?
Selecting an agency to arrange business travel    选择负责旅行安排的旅行社时需要考虑哪些要点?
l       Reputation                                  声誉
l       Speed of service                             服务速度
In selecting an agency to arrange business travel, whether the agency is reputable or not is a very important factor to consider. An agency with a good reputation is usually reliable and offers quality service which is essential for the accomplishment of your business tasks. So you need to find out whether a certain agency specializes in business travel arrangement or not, whether it is experienced and has a proven track record of performance before making the selection.
Speed of service is also very important. It often means business opportunities. Sometimes there may be an urgent trip to make so it is better to select a travel agency which deals with last-minute airline bookings.
Discounts offered are also important. This can minimize travel expenses without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.
What is important when…?
Preparing for a business trip         准备商务旅行时需要考虑哪些要点?
l       Delegating essential tasks        将重要工作委托他人
l       Staying accessible               保持联系
When preparing for a business trip, it is important to delegate essential tasks. This ensures that important work is not interrupted when someone is away and things go on normally to avoid any delay. This is important for overall performance.
Staying accessible is another important thing to consider when you are going away on a business trip. It is necessary in case your superiors or clients need to reach you. A better way is to leave contact details such as mobile phone number that works or call back to tell them about your room number as soon as you get to the destination and stay in a hotel.
Informing people around you is also important. In that way if there is anything urgent that requires your signature or something, it can be done before you are away and things can be better arranged.
Cutting Travel Costs
Your company is planning to reduce the amount it spends on business trips. You have been asked to suggest ways of doing this. Discuss the situation together, and decide:
l       how the total number of business trips might be reduced
l       how the costs of some trips might be reduced
l       如何减少总的出差次数
l       如何减少某些差旅成本
A: You know our company is planning to reduce the amount it spends on business trips.
B: Yes, I think that’s because we spent too much on travel when we could have spent less. Do you have any idea?
A: In my opinion, the absolute best way to cut the costs of business trips is not to take some trips in the first place.
B: Yeah, by reducing the total number of trips.
A: Indeed, some of the travels are not at all necessary. I think this can be done by not taking part in unnecessary conferences and avoid unnecessary travel by using IT systems such as videoconferencing and E-mail as substitutions for some expensive travels.
B: Exactly. You know, some of the face-to-face talks may simply be replaced by a conference call and some travels can be arranged at a later date in conjunction with another trip.
A: For some trips we have to make, there are also ways to reduce the costs.
B: Yeah. In my opinion, saving should start from the very first step, that is, choosing the right transport. We should always consider first the cheapest ways of getting around, that is, train and bus, and plan ahead to pay less for the air fare when we have to travel by plane.
A: I see what you mean. Generally, the cheaper the air fare, the less flexible it is. The cheapest fares do not allow you to make any changes to your booking. So we can save money by planning ahead and using a less flexible ticket.
B: You’re right. Accommodation is also a major travel expense. The company should encourage its staff to stay in nice hotels instead of expensive ones and always ask for a discount.
A: When it comes to local transport, employees should be advised not to choose convenience over cost-effectiveness. For instance, a taxi is much less expensive than a chauffeured car.
B: To make this effective, we can offer some incentive reward to those who save costs in their travel.
A: Like what?
B: For instance, if the destination is an attractive one, we can allow our employees to stay one more night at leisure when it is weekend.
A: Good idea. By doing so, I believe we can have a significant reduction of travel costs.
A: 有些出差我们必须安排,这里也有一些方法来减少成本。
A: 好主意。通过这样做,我相信我们的差旅费可以有显著的减少。
(1)      Do you think there will be any negative effect on a company’s performance if there is a reduction in business travel?(Why?/Why not?)
Yes. Companies always need external contact for their overall performance. They need to go out to know and to be known.
(2)      How to prevent employees spending more than they are supposed to during business travel?
An effective way would be to have one set procedure for all employees to follow for business travel expense. Pick a simpliest financial software system that serves your business travel needs and then have everyone from the top down follow it exactly.
(3)      Do you think companies are willing to pay extra for business class travel?(Why?/Why not?)
No, I don’t think so. Unless when it is necessary, no companies would be willing to pay extra for business class travel since it means increase of costs.
(4)      How important is it to plan the itinerary before staring a business trip?(Why?)
It’s very important. A well-planned itinerary enables a traveler to make the best possible use of time on travel.
(5)      What’s the most cost-effective way to reduce costs for business travelers?
I think the most cost-effective way would be to look for better-value hotels as well as cheaper flights.
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