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Hospitality 好客,殷勤
Treat 宴请,款待,请客
Informal 非正式的,不拘礼节的
Individual 独特的,有特性的
Jacket 短上衣
For the sake of 为了…好处
Dress up 盛装,打扮
Posture (身体的)姿势,体态
Local fllavour 地方风味
Slight 粗暴对待,轻视,藐视
Rigid 固执的,严格的
Blunder 大错,失误
Gourmet 美食家,能品尝食物和美酒的行家
Show sb. Around 带领某人参观……
Profile 简介,简要描述
Bring up 提出,引出
Inopportune 不合时宜的,不合适的
Peking Opera 京剧
Reserved 矜持的,缄默的
Hustle and bustle 拥挤,喧闹
Get down to 开始认真考虑…开始认真做…
Transaction 事物、业务、交易
Places of cultural and historical interest 文化历史古迹
Insight into 对…的洞察力,对…的见识
Dynamic 有生命力的
Networking skills 建立人际关系网的技能
Land (口语体)获得,获取
Land a business contract 签订一单合同
Lukewarm 冷淡的,不热心的
Cuisine 烹饪,菜肴
Festivity 节日或喜庆日,活动节
Cooking contest 烹饪比赛
A horse-drawn carriage 马车
Escort 护送,陪同
Admirer 仰慕者,敬慕者
Be showered with… 大量或慷慨地赠与…
Scenic spot 景点
Business interaction 商务交往
How to Be Entertained
“ To entertain” means to give hospitality as well as to interest and amuse.
If people come to your country will you know how to look after them?
Will you know what kind of invitation to give them?
Will you invite the visitors to your home or to a restaurant?
Will you invite them to stay in your home or arrange for them to stay in a nearby hotel?
Will you expect them to hiring a present for you?
Ways of showing hospitality are different in every country and I have decided to concentrate on “ how to be entertained” in Britain…
每个国家待客的方式都有所不同,在这里,我主要讲一下在英国“如何接受款待”… …
People might invite you to their home or to go out with them for the evening.
They might invite you when they see you or by telephone.
However, it is still quite common to be invited by letter or by invitation card.
The invitation will tell you what the occasion is, when it is and, occasionally, what you should wear!
Reply quickly.
If the occasion is small then you can reply by telephone, but if it is a big occasion it is better to reply by letter.
It is kinder to do this because it helps your host to remember and to organize things.
If the invitation way by formal invitation then you might like to reply in a formal way.
In Britain, it is common to be invited to someone’s home rather than to a restaurant.
if you are invited to a restaurant, it is because your host is very busy, can’t cook very well, or wants to give you the enjoyment of some special type of food, or perhaps has often invited you home and now wants to give you a special treat!
Business visitors from other countries are often invited to their British colleagues’ home.
However, sometimes it may be more convenient to invite a business colleague to a restaurant.
If you are invited to someone’s home to have a meal, it is usual to take some flowers or a box of chocolates.
It is not usual to take a bottle of wine unless you know your host well.
Although flowers and chocolate are quite acceptable, it would be very nice if you could take something from your country.
It is different if you are invited to a party, and it also depends on what kind of party it is.
Many parties these days are “bring a bottle” parties.
Unless your host is very rich then a bottle of wine is always welcome. If it is a big party of say 30 or more people.
Ask whether or not you should bring a bottle when you are invited if you aren’t sure.
Say something like “ Can I bring a bottle?”
If you are not sure what should you wear then ask your host or your friends.
Usually dress is formal and individual in Britain for parties and for invitations to dinner in people’s homes.
If you are going to an expensive restaurant the men may have to wear a jacket and tie, jeans wouldn’t be allowed.
(1)      Do you think you enjoy eating in restaurants? (Why?/Why not?)
Yes. I do. I like eating in restaurants not for the sake of saving time. It gives great pleasure to be in a restaurant atmosphere. I would choose a restaurant that provides not only good food but also excellent service. I always take my time enjoying my food there.
(2)      What type of restaurant would you take your business clients to? (Why?)
It depends. First of all, I have to judge the character of my guests and decide if I should take them to a restaurant in a quiet place or in a busy street. If they come far away from our region I would probably take them to a restaurant with local flavour.
(3)      Is it necessary to take your business clients to an expensive restaurant? (Why?/Why not?)
Yes. Taking my guests to an expensive restaurant is a way to show my hospitality. High price means excellence in service. I don’t want my clients to think that they are being slighted. If clients were made to feel that way, we may save some money, but we would lose our business.
(4)      How important is it for company staff to have some basic knowledge in entertaining business clients?
Entertaining guests is a kind of social art. Basic knowledge and skills in this aspect will help to deal with your clients in the most appropriate manner. This is essential in an effort to establish a good relationship with your clients. In some cases, a blunder in social setting may offend your guests and in the end spoil your business.
What’s important when…?
Entertaining your business clients                 招待客户需考虑哪些要点?
l       Appropriate venue for entertainment            适当的招待地点
l       Clear objectives for the meeting                明确的目的
When entertaining business clients, we need, first of all, to decide on the most suitable venue for the event to take place. We wll probably find out in our first contact with our clients if they are more of art lovers or sports fans or gourmets, and then choose the type of entertainment: whether it should be in a restaurant or in the theatre or in some other appropriate venue for the event.
It is also very important for us to have a clear plan in mind when we come to the meeting. We need to work out a list of specific business objectives to achieve. Therefore while making sure our business clients enjoy themselves, we quietly and smoothly direct the meeting step by step towards our goal.
The other important aspect is the timing for bringing up the subject of business. Because inopportune mentioning of the matter of business may embarrass our clients at a social setting and discourage their interest in the business you intend to do and even ruin a fine business opportunity.
Entertaining Foreign Guests
A group of guests from Great Britain are coming to visit your company. You have been asked to help entertain them. Discuss the situation together, and decide:
● what activities should be included in the schedule
● what cultural differences need to be considered
l       安排的计划应包括哪些活动
l       应考虑哪些文化差异
A: Our British guests are arriving at weekend for a two day visit, so let’s look at our arrangement of activities for our guests. Now, first of all, what items do you think should be included here?
B: Well, as we know, they are here to investigate a possible long-term cooperation with us. So, the first thing Monday morning is to take them for a tour around our company. We should show them the best part of our company, particularly the office computer management system.
A: Yes. But perhaps we should first give them a chance to see the video profile of our company before showing them around and that would give them a better idea of our unique way of operating our business.
B: That’s great. I totally agree with you on that. What are we going to arrange for Monday evening? Theatre, concert, or restaurant?
A: Oh, well. From the information we have gathered, they are people of very well cultured background, how about giving them some taste of Peking Opera at the Capital Theatre?
B: I do not disagree, but I am afraid it shouldn’t be too long for that. There are other things I would want to bring to our attention. I mean we need to take cultural differences into consideration. I don’t think we can expect them to sit out a two hours performance that they understand practically little.
A: Maybe we can arrange for half an hour of Peking opera before we take them for a late night dinner.
B: Alright. That’s settled. But where do you think we should take them to for the meal?
A: We should choose one of the best restaurants alone the busiest street in this city where they could experience the hustle and bustle of this city.
B: But there’s something else that I want to note here. I think the British are generally rather reserved people. I am afraid they would prefer not to have a too noisy and busy place for dinner.
A: That’s a good point. In this case, we should book a room in a quite distinctive restaurant where we could have more privacy and at the same time enjoy the local food.
B: If there is no further question, let’s get down to our preparation right now.
B: 那很好。我完全赞同你的观点。周一晚上要做什么安排? 去剧院、听音乐会还是去餐厅用餐呢?
A: 从我们收集的信息来看,客户们有良好的文化背景,带他们去首都剧场观看京剧怎么样?
A: 也许我们可以在晚餐之前安排半小时的京剧演出。
A: 我们应该选择在本城市最繁华的商业街选择一个最好的餐馆,他们可以在那里体验这个城市的喧嚣。
B: 但是这里有一些其他要注意的地方。我认为英国人通常都很保守。我担心他们不会喜欢在太喧嚣和繁忙的地方用餐。
A: 这点提的很好。这样的话,我们应该预定一个有特色的餐厅,我们可以有更多的隐私同时享受当地的美食。
(1)      Is it necessary for a company to establish a good long-term relationship with its clients? (Why?/Why not?)
Yes. A good long-term business relationship with clients means better understanding and greater trust between you and your clients. It will help ensure smooth and speedy business transactions between your company and your clients.
(2)      What do you think is the most suitable form of entertainment for forign business clients?(Why?)
The best entertainment is to take them to see places of cultureal and historical interest. More background knowledge of our culture and history will give them more insight into our way of life and way of doing business. Our dynamic history and colourful culture will win more of their respect, in turn, this will help encourage their business interest in China.
(3)      What problems may arise when socializing with foreign business people?(Why?)
When interacting with foreign business people, problems may arise in different thought patterns, different ways of seeing the world, and different ways of decision-making. These problems are the result of cultural differences and will often lead to misunderstanding.
(4)      Do you think you would enjoy looking after business visitors for a few days?
Yes, I do. I think it’s a great pleasure to do so. In the first place, it’s a great chance to introduce them to our culture and history. Secondly, socializing with business people will help me to acquire networking skills. Finally I may land business cuntracts from them.
(5)      Where would you take foreign visitors to in your hometown?(Why?)
I would take them to the local restaurants to taste the local cuisine and enjoy the annual cooking festivity. Each year a cooking contest is held there to name the “best cook of the year”. The winner will ride in a horse-drawn carriage escorted by his admires through the main street and will be showered with flowers from the crowds along the way.
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