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ABCC= Advisory Board on Compensation Claims 索偿事项咨询委员会

Abolition of posts 员额裁撤

Absorb 匀支

absorption factor 承担系数

Accommodation units 办公室安排股

Account for 点清;查明

Accountability Panel 问责制专门小组

accounting conventions 会计惯例

Accounts Division 帐务司

accrual   应计制;权责发生制

ACPAQ = advisory committee on post adjustment questions 工作地点差价调整数问题咨委会(调整数咨委会)

Active missions 现有特派团

Additional estimates 追加概算

Administration of justice 司法行政

Administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of the UN PKO’s 联合国维持和平行动经费筹措的行政和预算问题

Administrative business processes 行政事务程序

advocacy 倡导

Age profile of the staff 年龄分布状况

Alignment of the NCE and G-P Exam 协调

Apportion 分摊

approving officer 核签人

Archiving 归档

Arrears 积欠会费

ASG for central support services 丹羽敏之

Associate expert 协理专家

Audit certificate 审计证书

Audited financial statement 审定财务报表

Auditor, visiting 巡回审计员

Award of contracts 订立; 决标

Back-office consolidation in the Common Services area 巩固共同事务领域办公室后台工作

Backstopping of PKO’s

A/49/717 ;

Balance sheet 资产负债表

Base /floor salary scale 基薪/底薪表

Benchmark 基准

bid 出价;投标

Board of Auditors 审计委员会 Sir John Bourn KCB

BONUCA = Peace-building support office in Central African Republic 中非支助处

Broad banding   宽幅工资制度

Budget proposals 概算

Business processes 业务流程

Candidate 投考人

Capital expenditures 基建支出

Capital Master Plan 基建总计划

Career development 职业发展

cash basis 收付实现制;现收现付制

Cash-flow situation 现金流动;现金流量

CCAQ = consultative committee on admin questions 行政问题协商委员会

CCISUA= Coordinating Committee for International Staff Unions and Associations of the United Nations System UN 国际职工会协调委员会

CCPOQ = Consultative Committee. On Programme and Operational Questions 方案业务协商会

CEB = Chief Executives Board for Coordination 执行首长协调理事会

Central Evaluation Unit   中央评价股



Civilian component (of PKO)

文职部分; 文职人员

Classify 叙级

Closing balance 期终余额

COE = contingent-owned equipment 特遣队所属装备

co-location 共用同一地点

Commitments, enter into 承付款项

Committee for Programme and Coordination 方案和协调委员会

Common scale of staff assessment 统一的工作人员薪金税率表

Common services 共同事务

Common services platform 共同事务平台

Common Services Task Force 共同事务工作队

Common staff costs 一般人事费用

Common supplier database 联合国供应商共同数据库

Common support services 共同支助事务

Common system 共同制度

Compendium process 简编进程

Competitive bidding 公开招标

Component, percentage distribution of resources by构成部份

computer-assisted translation software 计算机辅助翻译软件

Consolidation (incorporation in base/floor salary scale)   工作地点差价调整数并入基薪净额

Contingency fund 应急基金

Contingent liabilities 或有债务

Contract services 定约承办事务

Contracts and Procurements Service of DDSMS 合同和采购处[发展支助管理事务部(发展支管部)]

Contracts Committees (local and Headquarters) 合同委员会

Contracts, 11-month 11个月合同

Contracts, continuing 连续合同

Contracts, permanent 长期合同

Contracts, requirement 有条件供应合同;备用合同

Contracts, when-actually-employed 实际受聘合同

Contractual services 定约承办事务

Contributions past due 过期未付会费

Coordination, instruments of Resident coordinator system; country strategy note 照会;programme approach 方案方法;national execution 国家执行;field committees 实地委员会;

Cost- accounting system 成本核算

Cost effectiveness, enhance 成本效果

Cost efficiencies in the delivery of programmes 成本效率

Creation of posts 设立员额

Credit v. 记入。。。名下

Creditable contributory service 可以承认的缴费服务

culture 思维方式

customized services 特定服务

DAM 行管部

DDSMS = Dept. for Development Support and Management Services 发展支管部

Death and disability benefits 死亡抚恤金,伤残津贴

Department 部

Dependency allowance 抚养津贴

DESA 经社事务部

Desirable ranges, the system of 理想幅度

DGAACS department of general assembly affairs and conference services 大会事务和会议事务部,会议部

DHA department of humanitarian affairs 人道事务部

Disaster Mitigation Branch 减灾处

Disaster Relief Coordinator 救灾协调员

Dividend 股息

Dry lease 干租赁

DSC = direct support cost

ECA 非洲经委会

ECE 欧经委会

ECLAC 拉加经委会

Economies of scale 规模效益

EDP 电子数据处理

Effect of extreme values 极值效应

Efficiency gains 效率增益

Efficiency of the administrative and financial functioning of the UN 行政和财政业务效率

Electronic United Nations 电子联合国

Emergency Relief Coordinator 紧急救灾协调员

Entitlements 应享权利

Entry-level Professional staff 起职专业人员

Episodic work 零星工作

Equities 有价证卷

ESCWA 西亚经社会

Estimates 估计数; 概算

Ex post facto cases 事后核准个案; approval of contracts on an ex post facto basis

Ex-gratia payment 惠给金

Exigency (needs)


Expected accomplishments 预期成绩

FACS (Field Assets Control System) 外地资产管制系统

FACS = Field Assets Control System 外地资产管制系统

FALD field administration and logistics division 外勤司; 后勤司

Fellowship 研究金

FICSA = federation of international civil service associations 国际公务员协会联合会

Field connectivity 外地连接

Field office 外地办事处

Field service 外勤事务

field service category 外勤事务人员职类

Financial report 财务报告

flat rate 定额

Fleming Principle (for general services) 弗莱明原则(用来确定一般事务人员和其他当地征聘工作人员服务条件的基础)

FMIP = financial management improvement programme 财务管理改善方案

FMSS financial management and support service of FALD 财务管理和支助事务处

Formed police units 建制警察部队

four criteria for outsourcing

FSL = field service level 外勤人员职等

Full costing of posts 员额全部成本计算

G to P examination   

GCCC = government counterpart cash contribution 政府对应现金捐助

General operating expenses 一般业务费

General services category 一般事务人员职类

General temporary assistance (GTA) 一般临时助理

GFMV generic fair market value 通用公平市价

Grants 补助金

Gratis military officer (GMO) 免费提供军官

Gratis personnel, type II 第二类免费提供的人员

Habitat UN Centre for Human Settlements 人居中心 (人类住区中心)

HCC Headquarters Committee on Contracts 总部合同委员会

HLCM High Level Committee on Management 管理问题高级别委员会

home country 本国

HRMIS   人力资源管理信息系统

HS harmonized system of classification of goods 商品统一分类(和编码)制度

IAPSO = Inter-agency Procurement Services Office 采购处

IASC = Inter-agency Standing Committee 机构间常设委员会

ICSC est’d 1975 公务员制度委员会;


IMIS : integrated management information system


imprest (system) 定额备用金(制度)

Improvement of premises 房地改建费

Inactive trust funds 暂停不用的(闲置的)信托基金

Incentives and disincentives An effective S-curve regime

Income replacement ratio 收入折合(养恤金)率

Incumbency 现职员额

Indicator of achievement 成果指标;成就指数

indicator of performance 业绩指数

in-house printing and outsourcing, relative costs of

Initial appropriations 原定经费

Inter-agency Working Group on Evaluation 评价问题机构间工作组

Investigations Section 调查科

Investment criteria: (pension fund) Safety, profitability, liquidity, convertibility

Investment Management Service 投资管理处

Investment portfolio 投资证卷组合

Investment returns 投资收益

Invitation to bid, formal 正式招标书

invitation to tender

IOR = immediate operational requirement procedure 立即业务需要

Irregularities, management 管理上的违规行为

ISC (Indirect Support Cost) rate

ISCC Information Systems Coordination Committee 信息系统协调委员会

ISTD Information Technology Services Division 信息技术事务司

ITB = invitation to bid 正式招标书

ITSD information technology services division 信息技术事务司

JDC = Joint Disciplinary Committee 联合纪律委员会

JIU = joint inspection unit 联检组; DCI (Spanish)

job descriptions 职务说明

key business enabler 一项主要的促进工作的工具

Lateral moves 同级调动

LCC Local Committee on Contracts 当地合同委员会

LCS Logistics and Communications Service of FALD 后勤和支助事务处

lead organization 牵头组织

Lead time   筹备时间,周转时间

Letter of assist (LOA) 协助通知书

Line departments 实质性部门

Liquidation and termination 清理结束

Lump-sum commutations of periodic benefits 整笔支付定期养恤金

Lump-sum option 选择一次总付的款项

Malaria prophylaxis 疟疾预防

managed assignment 管理外派

Managed mobility system 管理下的调动制度

Manning table 员额表;人员配置表

Margin range 差额幅度

metadata 元数据

MINUGUA 危地马拉核查团军事观察组


Mobility and hardship allowance 调动和艰苦条件津贴

MONUA 联安观察团

MONUC 联刚观察团

Movement control 调度

MSA mission subsistence allowance 特派团(任务)生活津贴

MTP medium-term plan 中期计划

NCE = national competitive examination

NCRE national competitive recruitment examination

Negligence, gross 重大疏忽

Net remuneration margin 薪酬净额差幅(与比较国百分比差)

Noblemaire Principle (for professionals) 诺贝尔梅耶原则

Non-budgeted contributions 未编入预算款项

Non-expendable equipment 非消耗性设备

Non-reimbursable loan 无偿借用方式

OAH   office away from Headquarters 总部之外的办事处

object of expenditure 开支用途

Obligations 承付款项

OCHA = office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs 人道协调厅

OCSS = office of (for) central support services 中央支助事务厅 ASG Niwa (Japanese) March 2000

ODCCP Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention 药物管制和预防犯罪办事处(药管办事处)

Office for Interagency Affairs 机构间事务处Director Qazi Shaukat Fareed

OHRM: office of human resources management 人力厅

OIOS: office of internal oversight services 内部监督事务厅



Online 在线

on-line access 联机存取

Open-Access Official Documents System 开放型正式文件系统

Opening balance 期初余额

Operational Services Division (OHRM) 业务司

OPPBA (of DAM) 帐务厅(行管部部分)方案规划预算帐务厅

OSWL = official web site locator for the UN system 定位语言

Outline, programme budget 方案预算纲要;方案预算概要

Outposting of legal officers 法律干事派往外地

Output 产出

Outsourcing 外包

Outstanding assessments 未付摊款

Overload posts 额外工作员额

Over-represented countries 任职人数过多的国家

Part 编

Pattern of conferences 会议时地分配办法

Pay banding


Pay contributions in full and on time and unconditionally

Payment schedules 缴款时间表

Payroll 薪给系统

Payroll section 薪金科

PBI =statement of programme budget implications 所涉方案预算问题的说明

PD = procurement division 采购司

Pension entitlements 应领养恤金

Performance report 执行情况报告;绩效报告

periodicity of the review 审查周期

Personal gear 个人用具

Perspective (in medium term plan) in lieu of introduction 展望部分

pertussis 百日咳

Physical inventory 实地盘存,实质盘存

PIRS (the Progress and Impact Reporting System 进度和影响报告系统

PKFD = Peacekeeping Financing Division (part of OPPBA) 维和经费筹措司(帐务厅一部分)

PMSS Personnel Management and Support Service of FALD 人事管理和支助事务处

POL petroleum, oil and lubricants 汽油机油润滑油

Policy framework papers prepared under aegis of Bretton Woods institutions 政策框架文件

Portfolio 投资组合

Post adjustment 工作地点差价调整数

Post adjustment multiplier 工作地点调整数乘数

Posts subject to geographical distribution 须按地域分配的职位



PPBME Rules and Regulations governing Programme Planning, the Programme Aspects of the Budget, the Monitoring of Implementation and the Methods of Evaluation 方案规划、预算编制、监测和评价(规则)

Pre-qualified (suppliers) Pre-selection; 资格已预审

Presentation and methodology 编列格式和方法

Presumptive fraud 舞弊嫌疑

Probationary appointments 试用任命

procurement 采购

Procurement and recruitment practices   Should reflect compliance with financial obligations

Procurement Manual 采购手册


使用道具 举报








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Procurement threshold

Professional category 专业人员职类

proforma 预计形式

Programme budget : parts, sections, programmes 方案预算:编、款项、方案

Programme manager 方案管理人

Programme narrative


Proposal 报价书

Proposed programme budget 方案概算

Proposed programme budget 概算

PSA (programme support activities ) expenditure or income 方案支助活动开支或收入

PSA equalization account

PTD purchase and transportation division 采运司

Public bid openings 公开开标

Publications Board 出版物委员会

Qualified audit opinion 修正的审计意见;有保留的

Quick-impact projects 速效项目

Quick-impact projects 速效项目

Ration contract 口粮合同

RB regular budget 经常预算

RBB = Results-based budgeting 按成果编制预算

RDMHQ: rapidly deployable mission HQ 快速部署特派团总部

RDMU rapid deployment management unit 快速部署管理股

Realized capital gains and losses 变卖后的资本盈亏

Real-time online system 实时在线系统

Reclassify 改叙

Reconciliation of accounts 帐户的核对

Recosting 重计费用

Recovery, financial 追回款项

Regulations 条例

Reimbursement of troop contributing countries that are current with their contributions 偿还

Release 1: human resources and central controls 人力资源和中央控制

Release 2: staff entitlements 工作人员应享权利

Release 3: finance and support services 财政和支助事务

Release 4: payroll and related funcitonalities (time and attendance, insurance and rental subsidy etc) 薪给和有关功能

Release 5: operational applications 业务应用

Remote access through the Internet 远程存取

Remuneration, pensionable 应计养恤金薪酬

request for proposals 征求报价;招标

requests for expression of interest 征求《意向书》

Requisition for purchase 申请采购

requisitioning officer 申(请)购官员

Requisitioning unit 申购单位

Revenue-producing activities 生利活动

Revised appropriations 订正经费

RFP = request for proposal 招标; 报价书;征求报价

Rules 细则

Salary scales 基薪/底薪表

Sales and Marketing Section 销售推销科

Secondary dependant 二级受抚养人

Secondment 借调

Secretariat officials Warren Sach, Director of the Programme Planning and Budget Division; Toshiyuki Niwa, ASG for Central Support Services;

Section 科

Section 款

Section, NGO 科

Self-sustainment 自我维持

Self-sustainment arrangements 自我维持安排

Separation payment or benefits 离职偿金

Service 处

Set-off 抵消

Skills inventory 技能申报制度

SMCC = Staff Management Coordination Committee 工作人员和管理当局协调委员会

SMG = Senior Management Group 高级管理小组

soldier’s kit 士兵装具袋

SOMA status of mission agreement 特派团地位协定

Special consideration For countries unable to meet obligations for reasons beyond their control

SRC = Supplier Review Committee 供应商审查委员会

SSA: special services agreement 特别服务协定

Staff Administration and Training Division + Recruitment and Placement Division (old) replaced by >> Operational Services Div. + Specialist Services Div.

Staff assessment 工作人员薪金税

Staff cost 人事费

Staff mobility 调动

Staffing table 员额表

Statistical Commission 统计委员会

Statistical Services Branch 统计事务处

Statistics Division 统计司

Strategic reserve 战略储备

Subprogamme 次级方案

sudden-onset disasters 突发灾害

Summary by object of expenditure 按支出用途开列总表

Supplier roster 供应商名册

Supplies and materials 用品材料

Support and backstopping of good offices and PKO’s 斡旋和维和行动的支持和支助

Suppression of posts 裁减员额

Surviving spouse 鳏寡

Survivor’s benefits 遗属恤金

Suspense account 暂记帐户

system contracts 系统合同

System contracts vs. requirement contracts 系统合同vs.备用合同

Tax credit 税务抵减

Tax equalization fund 衡平征税基金

tax refunds, pursue 争取退税

Tax reimbursement scheme 退税办法

Tax relief 税务宽减

TCC 部队派遣国

Temporary posts 临时员额

Temporary suspension on recruitment 暂不征聘

tender document 招标文件

tender with a short lead time for emergency requirements 筹备时间;订货到交货时间

Time-series data 时间序列数据

Total compensation comparison 报酬总额比较

Transfer (of assets) document =bill of lading 提单

treasurer 财务司司长

Treatment of expatriation 离国服务待遇

triennial review 三年期审查

Turnover rate 更替率

Unallocated balance 未分拨余额

UNAMIR 联卢援助团

Uncommitted balance 未承付余额

UNCSD= common supplier database 联合国供应商共同数据库

UNDCP= United Nations International Programme on Drug Control 联合国国际药物管制规划署(药物管制署)

Underrepresented member states 任职人数不足的会员国

UNDOF 脱离接触部队

Unencumbered balance 未支配余额

UNESIS 经社信息系统


Unified support account 统一支助帐户


UNIKOM 伊科观察团

Unit 股

Unit costs 单位成本

Unity of purpose 目标统一

UNJSPB 养恤金联委会

UNJSPF 联合国合办工作人员养恤金

Unliquidated obligations 未清偿债务

UNMEE 埃厄特派团

UNMIH 联海特派团

UNMOGIP 印巴军事观察组

UNMOT 联塔观察团


UNOG Geneva 日内瓦办事处

UNOGBIS = Peace-building support office in Guinea-Bissau 几比建设和平支助办事处 (几比支助处)

UNOMIG 联格观察团

UNOMIL 联利观察团

UNON Nairobi 内罗毕办事处

UNOPS = office for project services 项目事务厅;采购

UNOV Vienna 维也纳办事处

UNPF 联和部队


Unrepresented countries 无人任职的国家

UNRISD = Research institute for Social Development 社发(研究)所

UNSMIH 联海支助团

UNTAET 东帝汶过渡当局

UNTAG: transition assistance group 过渡援助团

UNTMIH 联海过渡团

UNTSO 停战监督组织

Unutilized balance 未用摊款

USG for internal oversight services Dileep Nair(May 2000)

Value-added taxes refund 增值税退税

variances 差额

Wear and tear 损耗

Weighted averages 加权平均数

Wet lease 湿租赁(包括维修)

WINGS =WFP Information Network and Global System for Cost Analysis and Cost Containment 信息网络全球成本分析控制系统

Working capital fund 周转基金

Working Group on International Statistical Programmes and Coordination (of the Statistical Commission) 国际统计方案和协调工作组

Write-off 注销

XB = extra-budgetary resources 预算外资源

Year-on-year trends 年度趋势

Compiled by: Yaw-Tsong Lee

Contributors: Yunqin Yang


Adjustment in the amount to be prorated 待按比例分摊的款额的调整

broadcast studios/transmitter combination 广播室/发射台综合系统

certified for seaworthiness 适航证书

depot with dehumidified shelters   设有防潮装置的San Prancrazio仓库

digital trunking system 数字中继系统

Field Service


forklifts 叉车

formed police units 建制警察部队

global system mobile (GSM) 全球移动通信系统(全球通)

GSM 全球通

hardstand areas 硬路面

holding period 持货时间

inventory management system 库存管理系统

MDTS VAN 机动电讯系统

mobile deployable tele-system (MDTS VAN) 可流动部署的电讯系统

MRO= materiel release order 发货令

open storage area 露天储存场地

sea containers 海运集装箱

soft wall shelters 软墙房屋

storm water network 防汛下水道

transportable traffic control tower for airport 移动式机场交通控制塔

Trans-shipment stocks 转运储存

UNLB 联合国后勤基地

回复 支持 反对

使用道具 举报








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ACABQ = Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions 行预咨委会 = 行政和预算问题咨询委员会

accountability and responsibility 问责制及职责

additional expenditures 额外支出

administrative costs 行政费用

administrative offices 行政办事处

administrative support services 行政支助事务

application servers 应用程序服务机

appropriation 批款

ASG = Assistant Secretary-General 助理秘书长

average annual rates of inflation 平均年通胀率

baselines and targets 基线和具体目标

biennial programme plan and priorities for 两年期方案计划

biennium 两年期

broadest possible agreement” formula “尽可能广泛的协议”的提法

budget cycle 预算周期

budget fascicles 预算分册

budget outline 预算大纲

budget performance reports 预算执行情况报告

budget proposals 拟议预算

budget section 预算各款

budgetary control of both regular budget appropriations 对经常预算批款进行预算监督

budgetary process 预算进程

by object of expenditure 按支出用途开列的

career development 职业发展

common support services 共同支助服务

construction, alteration, improvement and major maintenance 建筑、改建、装修和主要维修

consultants and experts 顾问和专家

contingency fund 应急基金

continuous learning, culture of 继续学习的文化

contractual services 订约承办事务

cost-of-living adjustment 生活费调

CPC = Committee for Programme and Coordination 方案和协调委员会

currency fluctuation 币值波动

Department of Safety and Security 安全和安保部

DSG = Deputy Secretary-General 常务副秘书长

duty station 工作地点

elements of the budgetary process 预算进程环节

enterprise network infrastructure, United Nations 联合国系统网络基础设施

established and temporary posts authorized for the biennium 经常预算下核定的两年期常设和临时员额

established posts 常设员额

estimate 估计数

executive direction and management 行政领导和管理

expected accomplishments 预期成绩

expenditure 支出

external factors 外部因素

extrabudgetary resources 预算外资源

Field Service 外勤人员

funding documents under delegated authority 根据委托权限签发供资文件

furniture and equipment 家具和设备

general operating expenses 一般业务费

general Service (other level) posts 一般事务(其他职等)员额

general Service (Principal level) 一般事务人员(特等)

grants and contributions 补助金和捐款

GS = General Service 一般事务人员

GTA = general temporary assistance 一般临时助理人员

hospitality 招待费

ill-conceived programmes 考虑欠周到的方案

IMDIS = Integrated Monitoring and Documentation Information System 综合监测和文件信息系统

improvement of premises 房地改建费

indicators of achievements 绩效指标

ineffective, obsolete and marginally useful outputs 无效、过时和用处不大的产出

inflation in non-staff costs 与非工作人员费用有关的通货膨胀

internal oversight 内部监督

jointly financed activities 合资办理的活动

junior Professional levels 初级专业人员

lead and manage change 领导和管理变革

legislative mandates 立法授权

line item 细列项目

local area network (LAN) servers 局域网服务机

local level 当地雇用人员

logical framework 逻辑框架

management and support services 管理和支助事务

management culture 管理文化

means-end analysis 手段――目的角度的分析。

monitoring and evaluation 监测和评价

more versatile and multi-skilled staff 具备更多种能力和技能的职工队伍

MTP = Medium-Term Plan 中期计划

National Officer posts 本国干事员额

net of staff assessment, programme budget 除去工作人员薪金税后的方案预算

new and/or revised mandates 新的和(或)订正的任务规定

non-post requirements 非员额经费

non-staff compensation 非工作人员报酬

NPM = New Programme Model (FAO) 新方案样板

objectives of the Organization 本组织目标

object-of-expenditure budget 支出用途预算

Office of Central Support Services 中央支助事务厅

OL = Other level 其他职等

operationalize a biennium slice of the MTP 使中期计划的两年期部分得以运转

outputs 产出

outreach to Member States, untimely 与成员国联系不及时

overview 概览

PAIAs = Priority Areas for Interdisciplinary Actions (FAO) 学科间行动优先领域

parts of the programme budget 方案预算各编

payroll related services 与薪资有关的服务

performance management 业绩管理

performance measures 业绩计量

performance report on the budget of 预算执行情况报告

PL = Principal level 特等

planning and budgeting in the United Nations 联合国目前的规划和预算编制过程

planning, programming, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation process 联合国的规划、方案编制、预算编制、监测和评估进程

post adjustment multiplier 工作地点差价调整数乘数

post management 员额管理

posts by source of funds 按资金来源开列的员额

PPBME Rules = Regulations and Rules Governing Programme Planning, the Programme Aspects of the Budget, the Monitoring of Implementation and the Methods of Evaluation 方案规划、预算内方案部分、执行情况监测和评价方法条例和细则

presentation 列报内容

professional posts 专业人员员额

programmatic aspects of the proposed programme budget 拟议方案预算中与方案有关的内容

programmatic justifications 方案说明

programme budget 方案预算

programme budget approach 方案预算做法

programme budget implications, Statements of 所涉方案预算问题说明

programme managers 方案主管

programme narratives 方案说明

programme performance 方案执行情况

programme planning 方案规划

programme planning cycle 方案规划周期

proposed programme budget 拟议方案预算

proposed resource level 拟议资源数额

proposed staffing 拟议工作人员配置

qualified audit opinion 有保留的审计意见

rates of exchange 汇 率

RB = regular budget 经常预算

RBB = Results-Based Budgeting 成果预算编制

real-time connectivity across the Organization 本组织全部实现实时联通性

reclassification 改叙

recosting 重计费用

redeployment 调动

regular budget estimates by object of expenditure 按支出用途开列的2006-2007两年期经常预算估计数

regular budget resources 经常预算资源

resource allocation process 资源分配进程

resource performance 资源使用情况

results-oriented Organization 确保联合国充分注重成果

rolling MTP with indicative resources, strategic four-year 附有指示性资源的4年期滚动战略中期计划

safety and security 安全和安保

Security Service 安保人员

self-evaluation by the programme managers 方案管理人员的自我评估

service-level agreements 供应协定

shared and cross-cutting objectives 共同的和交叉的目标

single-stage intergovernmental review of the programme budget and MTP 单一阶段政府间审议方案预算和中期计划

staff assessment 工作人员薪金税

staff development and training programmes 工作人员发展和培训方案

staffing table 员额配置表

stakeholders 利益有关者

statutory cost increases for staff 工作人员费用依法增加幅度

strategic framework based on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 在《千年发展目标》的基础上制定一个战略框架

strategic planning document with indicative resources for the biennium 附有两年期指示性资源的战略规划文件

subprogramme 次级方案

substantive and support programmes 实务方案和支助方案

supplies and materials 用品和材料

temporary posts 临时员额

and Crafts 工匠

UNON = United Nations Office at Nairobi 联合国内罗毕办事处

USG = Under-Secretary-General 副秘书长

variances 差异

XB = extrabudgetary 预算外

zero real growth budgeting 实际增长预算编制

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